The Route

We will kick off on Sunday, Sept. 6th from New York City’s Central Park at the corner of Columbus Circle. Kick off time is 9:00 am.

NYC-DC Route


(Click on image to get link to entire route on Google Maps)





Sept 6:    NYC Central Park to Newark, NJ (via Riverside Dr., GWB, Fort Lee)

Day-1 (NYC---Newark)

Sept 7:    Newark, NJ near Penn Station to Somerset, NJ (via Westfield, NJ)

Day-2 (Newark----Somerset)

Sept 8:    Somerset, NJ to Lawrenceville, NJ (via the Delaware & Raritan Canal path, through Princeton near the university, down Mercer St. past Einstein’s house)

Day-3 (Somerset--Lawrencville)

Sept 9:    Lawrenceville, NJ to Bensalem, PA (via Delaware & Raritan Canal path, Trenton, crossing Delaware River at Bridge Street)

Day-4 (Lawrencville NJ ---Bensalem PA)

Sept 10: Bensalem, PA to Philadelphia, PA

Day-5 (Bensalem - Philly)

Sept 11:  Spend day in Philadelphia


Sept 12:   Philadelphia to Wilmington, DE (following the Delaware River)

Day-7 (Philly-Wilmington)

Sept 13:  Wilmington, DE to North East, MD

Day-8 (Wilmington-NE Maryland)

Sept 14:  North East, MD to  Aberdeen, MD

Day-9 (NE Md to Aberdeen Md)

Sept 15:  Aberdeen, MD to Baltimore, MD


Sept 16:  Spend day in Baltimore

Sept 17:  Baltimore, MD to Jessup, MD

Sept 18:  Jessup, MD to Washington, DC


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  1. September 19, 2015 @ 11:49 pm Jean Kinney

    Congratulations Doug and Gracie! Wow, what an adventurous and brave endeavor. I have Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy type 2A and use a Mobility Scooter too. I can no longer walk or stand so I know how important a Mobility Scooter is! Yours must be in prime condition. Could you go all day without recharging or changing out batteries? My type of MD is much more rare than yours – a stepchild even among orphan diseases and disorders.
    I applaud your wonderful efforts to raise awareness, educate, advocate and raise money for research!
    Best to you!


    • October 7, 2015 @ 2:55 pm Doug

      Hi Jean. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I guess comments on the website here have been in my blind spot. I’m sorry to hear that you have an MD, and one that also gets relatively little funding. I know that as I try to raise awareness of FSHD, there are several other forms of MD that are in the same situation of needing a boost in awareness and funding.
      As for my scooter, I was able to go up to around 35 miles per day. The Pride Victory Sport model scooter has a range of around 14-15 miles using the batteries that come with the scooter, with a top speed of 8-9 mph. To get the additional mileage, I purchased a 24V 50Ah lithium battery from Bioenno Power ( and rewired the scooter so I could change from the internal to the lithium batteries using a toggle switch. I put the lithium battery in a camera bag and placed this on the floor of the scooter. Each night we set up chargers for both batteries so they were ready to go in the morning.
      The scooter was on year old at the time of the trip. Pride Mobility offered to give me a new scooter for the trip, but I decided I just didn’t have room for another scooter. The Victory Sport model is not that large, but it is too large to maneuver in a hotel room or restroom. Therefore, we also brought along a smaller scooter for use indoors.


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