Only 4 days before we go

It has been a busy couple of weeks. We just moved from Jersey City, NJ to Yonkers, NY, and moving is always a chore. It is even more so now that most of the burden falls to my wife, Elizabeth, but she has done a remarkable job of setting up the new place while also dealing with an exhausting work schedule. Thank you, my queen. I love you.

Gracie and I have not developed a routine exercise schedule in the new place, and it is difficult to do a long trip of 5 miles or so in the busy city streets.

Rob Dye will fly up from Austin on Friday and we will get organized for the trip. I have new batteries to install in the scooter, and I need his assistance for that. We also have to get the van organized and find a way to attached Doug & Gracie signs to the scooter.

Much of the time in the past two weeks has been spent dealing with the fundraising details, selecting a platform, trying to get it integrated smoothly into the facebook pages and the website. A lot of small problems that have added up.

My beautiful, smart, and talented daughter-in-law Kate Eales has been a godsend for our fundraiser. While caring for a ~ 2-year and a 4-year old girl and boy, she has managed to kick start the fundraising on social media. Kate, I love you and thank you again.

Rob Dye has also been a real dude, and has worked many hours to assemble and edit a movie trailer for our fundraiser. Here it is. Thanks, man. Love you too.

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