Test Run: NYC to Philly (2)

Monday morning was grey, but it was not raining too badly. Well at least not a first. We decided to do some things to prepare me and the scooter for a wet day of scootering through northern New Jersey. I remembered I had can of Scotchgard somewhere. I bought it a year ago to waterproof a coat, but never got around to it. I recalled that it worked pretty well when I was younger and needed to waterproof items when I went camping. After searching for a while we found the unused can. Rob read the directions and applied a thin coat to my jeans and to the camera bag that I use to contain the auxiliary lithium battery and to strap it to the floorboard of the scooter. I didn’t want the inside of the battery bag to get wet. We let the treated items “dry” for an hour or so out on the balcony. Yes, the humidity was probably 90%, but it was the best we could do if I was to complete a leg of the trip. So, with a proper rain parka, an insulated vest because the June temperature was in the 50s, my treated jeans, a ball cap, and a pair of shoes I had not worn in years, I went outside to attempt some travel.


At first is was raining only a little; more than a drizzle, maybe sprinkling. I decided to go for it. I was too good to last. After only about a quarter mile, as I approached Grand Ave along Marin St, it started to rain, building slowly at first. I persisted, continuing past Van Vorst Park and going the wrong way on the one-way York St, using the bicycle lane to avoid the bumps in the sidewalks. Wet but not smart enough to be deterred, I continued under I-78 for another mile or so. Finally, seeing the futility of this endeavor, Rob and I connected on the phone and I told him I was aborting the project for the day. I turned around and used every shortcut I could to get back to the apartment, getting their ahead of Rob and Gracie. I was soaked and cold, the battery case was soaked, and couldn’t wait to get into some dry clothes.

With no indications that the weather would improve anytime soon, we took the opportunity in the afternoon to shop for some better rain gear at a Eastern Mountain Sports in Paramus, NJ. I looked at some really nice actual rain proof, light weight jackets, but one of these was not in the budget. At the end, I opted for some water proof pants that I could slip on over my shorts or jeans when required. Then we prepared for the next day, hoping that we could resume the trip, which was critical because Rob had taken time off work, but could not extend his stay to cover another rain delay.

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