Battery Update

Pride Mobility has agreed to sponsor our trip. They will provide a scooter for the road, and another more compact scooter for good accessibility indoors, as well as parts and maintenance. The only problem is that they have been too busy since the new year to meet with me at their facility in Exeter, PA. This will have to wait until mid-March. That is starting to cut it close for me, since we plan to begin our trip in mid-April. Therefore, I went ahead an purchased an external 24V 50Ah lithium battery from Bioenno Power, and will modify the wiring on my existing scooter to allow me to plug it in and switch back and forth between the internal and external batteries. The combination should provide a range of 40 miles or more. Last Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday as a matter of fact, my friend Ken Jones came over to help me assess what we need to do to rewire the scooter. It turns out that it shouldn’t be too difficult, just a matter of a couple of wires, some splicing, a new circuit breaker, and a 50A 24V single-pole-double-throw toggle switch. Parts have been ordered, and I hope to complete it this weekend if they come in.

24V 50Ah Batt

Update: 2/8/15
Success. Ken Jones came over today and we got the scooter rewired. It seems to work, so I’ll be taking it on some mileage test runs as soon as the ice and snow clear out.

WiredForLi   WiringTheSwitches



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