And they’re off…

We started our long-awaited journey from NYC to Washington DC today. We met up with some familiar friends at Columbus Circle (Jen Egert; Vicki and Ted Mauseth and their two boys; Ken Jones), my wife Elizabeth, and many many others from nations around the world who observed from afar, obviously too shy to approach. We began our ride through the park around 10:15, joined by thousands of runners, cyclists, skaters, and some even joined the festivities in old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage.

It was a beautiful day, and Gracie accompanied me all the way from Central Park, up Riverside Drive on the west side, through Columbia University Medical Center, and over the George Washington Bridge into Fort Lee – a total of 10.8 miles. Ken Jones also joined us for the ride, after having ridden his bicycle to Central Park from Fort Lee earlier that morning. We stopped for a falafel at a truck and all had a leisurely lunch near the Med School. I was hoping to encounter med students and doctors whom I could engage in a conversation about FSHD and give my information card, but on this Labor Day Sunday, it was mainly patients I encountered.

(to be continued)

We arrive in Newark around 6:15 pm.


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