Why am I doing this fundraiser?

The rate of progression and the severity of FSHD varies widely among those affected, but my experience may be typical of the “average” course of the disease. I was diagnosed in 1968, and the progression has been slow and relentless. The slow progression meant there was never a time where I felt that tomorrow would be…


Support US: Buy a T-Shirt

Announcing a second way to support the FSH Society through Doug & Gracie NYC-to-DC. Another T-Shirt campaign has been launched at TeeSpring. Men’s and Women’s premium short- and long-sleeved shirts in adult sizes in the popular black. These have been priced to provide a donation of approximately $20 to the FSH Society for each shirt…


Test Run: NYC to Philly (3)

It was a dark and stormy night (never had a chance to use that before), but by morning there were occasional breaks in the clouds. The forecast indicated the flash floods were over and things were improving, so the trip was on again. I was better prepared, with my new waterproof trousers, and Rob was…


When will Spring spring?

Whoa, this has been a challenging winter. But I see signs of a thaw in next week’s forecast. The start of our trip is only 7 weeks away, with a tentative start date of Saturday, April 18th from Times Square. Before that I have to see how far the scooter will go on a single…


Battery Update

Pride Mobility has agreed to sponsor our trip. They will provide a scooter for the road, and another more compact scooter for good accessibility indoors, as well as parts and maintenance. The only problem is that they have been too busy since the new year to meet with me at their facility in Exeter, PA….

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